January 6--Benjamin Tredwel and Sarah Allen.
February 8--John Carmen and Mary Smith.
March 7--John Smith and Mary Putney.
March 12--Thomas Tredwel and Phehe Smith.
March 16--John Wild of Flushing and Martha Wood of Hempsted, marryed at Hempsted.
March 30--William Verity of Hempsted and Jane Wright of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
April 8--Joshua Carman and Sarah Hulet.
April 29--Samuel Cornel and Hannah Cornel.
June ?--Benjamin Carman and Mary Bedel.
July 5--Peirce Pool and Sarah Peirce.
July 10--Benjamin Laster and Mary Bedel.
September 29--Elizabeth Johnston and Jonas Wilkins.
October 12--John Sprong and Magdalen Williams.

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