January 12--John Vanwyck and Deborah Larrance of Flushing.
January 21--Daniel Hulet and Elizabeth Dusinberry.
January 28--Abraham Suthard and Cornelia Barns.
February 19--Timothy Townsend and Sarah Hulet.
March 10-Arthur Alburtus and Mary Aughter.
June 10--Richard Thorn and Mary Hyatt.
June 11--Thomas Crudge and Deborah Saunders.
June 12--Benjamin Hulet and Susannah Whitehead.
June 25--Joseph Gryflin of Flushing and Mary Gilderslieve of Hempsted, marryed at Hempsted.
July 2--Samuel Rogers of Huntington and Amy Williams of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
July 16--Samuel Jackson of Hempsted and Mary Townsend of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
October 2--Thomas Thorn and Mary Dodge.

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