January 28--Jonathan Smith and Helina Weeks.
February 5--Thomas Williams and Sarah Smith.
February 6--Josiah Smith and Jane Maddock of Oyster bay, marnyed at Oyster bay.
February 20--James Johnston and Mary Alexander.
February 21--Soloman Langdon and Margrett Manwaning.
March 4--Richard Smith and Hannah Totten.
April 2--George Wattson of Hempsted and Judith Lambert son of Jamaica, marryed at Hempsted.
July 15--Lucas Covert of Jamaica and Cornelia Hangawont of Hempsted, marnyed at Hempsted.
September 5--Harman Shaw and Mary Abrams.
September 29--James Pine and Phebe Smith.
November 24--Theodorus Van Wyck of Flushing and Mary Riche of Hempsted, marryed at Hempsted.
December 7--Adam Mott and Elizabeth Smith.
December 23--Joseph Suthard and Catherine Barns.
December 24--Richard Gilderslive and Phebe Oldfield.

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