January 13—Charles Doughty and Elizabeth Baldwin.
January 29—Jonathan Searing and Mary Embry.
February  8—Gershom Smith and Catherine Manwaring.
February 17—Benjamin Haviland of Oyster bay and Jane Smith of Hempsted, marryed at Hempsted.
February 19—Gilbert Woolly and Dinah North.
March 3—Jonat~n Hazard of New Town and Letitia Cornell  of Hempsted, marryed at Hempsted.
March 4—William Foster and Phebe Langdon.
March 20—John Salt and Sarah Randal.
March 25—John Edwards of Flushing and Elizabeth Tarkins of Hempsted, marryed at Hempsted.
April 3—Isaiah Totten and Ann Locy.
April 4—William Lines and Anne Vaul or Volentine.
April 14—Sylvanus Townsend of Hempsted and Susanna Hedger of Flushing, marryed at Hempsted.
May 11—Coleman Combs and Elizabeth Suthard.
May 22—Jonas Spock and Elizabeth Yeomans.
June 7—Benjamin Reyner and Anna Bedel.
June 29—Solomon Israel and Mary Johnston.
July 28—Robert Milleken and Mary Baldwin.
August  3—James Wood of Rye in West Chester and Anne Carenan marryed at Hempsted.
September  7—Thomas Temple of Hempsted and Anne Holmes of New York, marryed at Hempsted.
September 11--William Grittmarn and Mary Doxee. 
October 5--Joseph Shelley and Arabella Wood.
October 13--Robert Pedrick and Elizabeth Ritsqu of Oyster bay, marryed at Oyster bay.
October 18--Abraham Wright and Hannah Reyner. 
November 24--Thomas Youngs and Mary Funormer of Oyster bay, marryed at Oyster bay.
November 29--Abraham Losee and Anne Dirlin. 
December 9--Samuel Mott and Hannah Wood.

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