February 8--William Alexander of Jamaica and Mary Lester of Hempsted, marryed at Hempsted.
February 9--Thomas Mullinder and Mary Frances.
March 7--John Petit and Elizabeth Manwaning.
March 17--John Lennington and Hannah Cane.
April 1-William Nicols and Sarah Embree.
April 9--Daniel Bedel and Mary Totten.
April 28--Benjamin Cornel of Hempsted and Deborah Dean of Flushing, marryed at Hempsted.
May 20--Joseph Carpenter and Sarah Lattine of Oyster bay, marnyed at Oyster bay.
May 27--Samuel Mott and Martha Smith.
May 27--Obediah Volentine and Martha Thurston.
June 9--Jacob Volentine of Hempsted and Sarah Downing of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
June 19--William Totten and Sarah Bates.
July 23--Samuel Bedel and Jeasperance Johnston.
July 28--John Aspinwal of New York and Sarah Sand of Oyster bay, marryed at Oyster bay.
August 3--John Morris of Hempsted and Amy Hubbs of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
August 25--Edward Verity and Hannah Seaman.
September 3--John Hewlett and Hannah Jackson.
September 9--Thomas Baker and Sarah Peet.
September 12--Aaron Place and Martha Combs.
October 9--Robert Weeks and Jerusah Lewis of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
October 12--James Boast and Elizabeth Peet.
October 13--John Seaman and Martha Verity.
December 1--Samuel Lounsberry of Rye and Hannah Carpenter of Oyster bay, rnarryed at Hempsted.
December 7--William Walters and Mary Losee of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
December 22--John Sprong and Patience Langdon.
December 20--Michael Matthews and Hannah Barns of Oyster of Oyster bay, marryed at Hempsted.
December 25--Obediah Hinchman of Flushing and Elizabeth Wiggins of Jamaica, marryed at Hempsted.
December 29--Robert Sutton and Phebe Smith.

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