January ??--Whitehead Daniel, son of Benjamin and Jemima Hewlet.
March 6--Cornelia, daughter of John and Elizabeth Haisted, baptised at Success.
March 21--Joseph, son of Whitehead and Elizabeth Kissam, of Oyster Bay baptised at Hempstead.
March 27--John Spragg, adult.
April 22--Stephen, son of Stephen and Mary Baldwin. 
May 1--Mary Seering, adult of East or West Chester, baptised at Success.
May 8--Rebecca, daughter of Timothy and Rebecca Rhodes. 
             Abraham, son of Martin and Sarah Van Nostrandt.
             Rebecca, daughter of John and Ruth Watts.
May 25--Rachel Jackson, adult.
             Samuel, Elizabeth, Ruth, children of David and Rachel Jackson.
May 29--Elijah, son of John and Arabella Carman.
June ?? --William Mitchel, Susanna Morrel, Phebe Hicks, Peggy Woolly, Mary Thorn, Sarah Hewlet, adults.
             Robert, John, Phebe Mitchel, Sarah, Richard Thorn, children of John and Susanna Morrell.
             Sally, Betsey, children of Thomas and Phebe Woolly.
            Joseph Lawrence, Susanna Peterson, John Whet, children of Lawrence and Charity Hewlet.
            Susanna Hewlet, daughter of William and Jane Mitchel, all baptised at Great Neck.
June 30--Mary Smith and Phebe Tobby, adults. 
            Hannah, daughter of Daniel Tobby.
            Timothy Smith, Thomas Jacob, Mary, Jane, children of Jacob, deceased, and Deborah Williams.
July 15--Peter Roebuck, son of Uriah and Catherine Pearsall. Silvanus, son of Gilbert and Martha Johnson.
July 31--John, son of John and Sarah Van Nostrand. 
August 13 --Esther Hicks, adult.
August 14--Martha Cornell, daughter of Jos. and Mary Mabbil, baptised at Success.
August 27--Gilbert, son of George and Sarah Weeks. 
September 5--Hannah, wife of Thos. Weeks.
           Joseph, Thomas, children of Thos. and Hannah Weeks.
September 8--Stephen Carman and Henry Tredwell, children of Abraham and Catherine Begel.

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