January 1--Hannah, daughter of William a~d Mary Terry, baptised at Islip.
January 17--Daniel Kissam, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Thorn.
April 1--John Benjamin, son of Samuel and Mary Carman.
April 24--Frances, daughter of Samuel and Rachel Bannister.
April 4--William Aaron, son of John and Sarah Nostrandt.
May 2--William James, son of William and Eliza Wayman of New Town, baptised there.
May 6--Jemima, daughter of Joseph and Catherine Skilman of Hempstead, baptised at Jerusalem, and
          John, son of Samuel and Martha Waters of Hempstead, baptised at Jerusalem.
May 22--John, son of John and Mary Weeks.
June 9--William, son of George and Hannah Hewlet.
June 14--Elizabeth Frost, adult, aged 59
June 16--Benjamin, son of Benjamin deceased, and Sarah Hallock, and
          Stephen and Rulef, children of Stephen and Sarah
June 20-- Voorhis (all baptised at East Woods).
          Phebe, daughter of William Tredwell.
July 1--John, son of John and Ruth Watts.
August 4--Sarah, daughter of Israel, deceased and Letitia Smith.
October 17--John Walters, son of Richard and Sarah Thorn.
          Stephen, son of Richard Hewlet.
          Eliza Ellieneur, daughter of Henry and Rebecca Weeks.
October 20--Joseph Smith, son of Stephen and Ann Carman.
October 11--Samuel, son of Thomas Lambert and Judith Moore.

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