January 12--Carolina Thorn and Thos. Cornell Talman, adults. 
January 21--Samuel Smith, son of John and Arabella Marvin.
          Jolin Gilbert, son of Thomas and Catherine Clowes. 
February 8--John Robert, son of John and Sarah Latham. 
March 22--Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander and Mary Portifield.
May 11--David Bond, an Indian man of Islip, baptised there. 
May 29--Lambert Moore, son of Andrew and Mary Onderdonk.
May 31-- Elizaeth Serring, adult.
          John Henry Hantz, son. 
June 2--Mary, daughter of Stephen Baldwin.
June 28--Sarah Allen, daughter of Elizabeth Halstead, baptised at Success.
July 7--Charlotte Deryee, adult.
          John, son of Ruler and Charlotte Deryee.
          Mary, daughter of John and Arabella Carman.
July 12--John Chamberlain, son of John and Sarah Curtis.
August 5--Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Phebe Kissam.
August 16--Hannah Nostrandt, daughter of Allen and Phebe Mitchel.
August 26--Edward Penny, Mary Penny, Anna Penny, adults. 
          Sarah, daughter of Edward and Mary Penny.
August 28--Daniel Van Nostrandt.
          Oliver, Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth, Rebecca, children of Daniel and Abigail Van Nostrandt.
          Mary, daughter of John and Rebecca Hickey.
August 30--John Bamstead, adult.

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