January 1--Sarah, daughter of Obadiah and Sarah Simmons, and
          Mary, daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Terry, baptised at Islip.
January 18--Sarah, daughter of Emanuel and Sarah Miller.
February 20--Daniel Stevenson, adult, aged 30 years. Henry Tredwell, son of Daniel and Susanna Stevenson.
February 24.--Abigail, daughter of Thomas Cornell. 
February 27--Henry Shaw, Ann Shaw, adults.
          William, Henry, Rebecca, children of Henry Shaw. 
March 6--Elizabeth Archibald, adult,  
          Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth Archibald.
March 23--Mary, daughter of Timothy and Rebecca Rhodes. 
April 3--Walton, John, Sarah, children of John and Hannah Jones, and
          Catherine, daughter of John Needham, of Oyster Bay, baptised at Cold Spring.
April 3--James, son of Isaac and Mary Youngs of Cold Spring, 
          Mary Fowler, wife of Andrew Fowler.
          Catherine, daughter of John and Lucy Doty, baptised at Oyster Bay.
April 28--Sarah Pearsall, adult.
April 4--Samuel, son of John and Elizabeth Weeks.
          Mary Ann, daughter of William and Mary Fowler. 
May 6--Stephen, Abel, Thomas, Mellicent, children of Henry and Hannah Combs.
May 7--Elizabeth Hewlet, Hannah Holmes, Elizabeth Jackson, Phebe Hewlet, Elizabeth Merritt, adults.
          William, son of Silvester and Catherine Begel.
May 7--Rebecca Covert, Jemima Covert, adulta.
          Samuel, Richard, John, Jarvis, children of John and Sarah Johnson.
          Sarah, Mary, Mellicent, children of William and Deborah Johnson.
May 18--John Joseph, son of John Jackson Sands and Ann Sands.
          Meriam Seabury, son of Benjamin and Ann Laurence.
          Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Rhodes.
          braham, son of John and Sarah Nostrandt. 
May 18--Mary Marvins, adult.
          Sarah, daughter of John and Mary Marvins.
May 22--John Archibald, adult,
          Anna Carman, Mary Carman, adults.
          Rachel, son of Stephen and Anna Carman.
May 28--John Simmons, baptised at Islip.
June ?? --Garret, son of Fulkerk and Elizabeth Deryee.
July 1--Elizabeth, daughter of Elijah and Rachel Manly. 
          Susarma Denton and Martha Denton, adults.
July 13--Daniel Nostrandt, son of Samuel and Mary Hutchinson, baptised at Success.
August 7--EliZabeth, daughter of William and Winnifred Tredwell.
August 24--Mary, daughter of Richard and Sarah Thorn.
September 16--Ann Eloisa, daughter of Thomas Lambert and Judith Moore.
October 5--John, son of Samuel and Deborah Wooly, baptised at Success.
October 12--Lydia, daughter of Samuel and Mary Carman. Stephen Johnson, son.
October 15--John, Mary, Joseph, adults, children of John and Ann Hagaman.
November 9--Benjamin Tredwell, son of Daniel Whitehead and Elizabeth Kissam.
December 23--Thomas, son of David Rich. Floyd and Mary Jones.

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