January 4--Ame Smith, Phebe Southard, adults. 
          Clara Jackson, daughter of Samuel and Ame Smith.
January 28--Martha, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Strinhamn.
February 25--Richard, son of Richard and Sarah Pine.
March 25--Elizabeth Tredwell, daughter of William and Sarah Curtis.
March 28--Ellise Hermione Peiham, daughter of Rachel and Sam. Bannister.
April 22--Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary Durling. 
May 7--Phebe, daughter of Ebesiezer and Sarah Bowers, and
          Benjamin, son of Caleb and Ame Saxton, and 
          Sarah, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Bowers, all baptised at Islip.
May 8--Ananias Langdon, adult.
May 23--Henry Abrahams and Mary Abrahams, adults. Sarah, daughter of Henry and Mary Abrahams.
May 27--Elizabëth, daughter of John and Sarah Latham. 
          Mary, daughter of Martin and Sarah Van Nostrandt. 
          Samuel, son of John and Arabella Carman.
August 5--Martha, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Thorne. 
August 12--Mary, daughter of Peter and Zerviah Waters of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
August 23--Thomas, son of Henry and Hannah Pearsall. Letitia Foster, daughter of John and Elizabeth Todd.
September 2--Hannah Clowes, adult,
          Timothy, son of Joseph and Hannah Clowes.
          John Samuel, Benjamin, son of Thos. Lambert and Judith Moore.
September 23--Phebe, daughter of Morris and Phebe Durling. 
          Hannah, Deborah, Ann, children of George and Ann Watts.
September 26--John Mitchel, John Mitchel, Sarah Mitchel, Phebe Mitchel, Elizabeth Sands, adults.
          Samuel, Susanna, Whitehead, Jane, children of John and Rebecca Mitchel.
          Sarah, daughter of Abel and Eliza Sands.
October 18--Elizabeth, Susanna, children of Samuel and Deborah Woolley.
October 25--Thomas Tredwell, Ann Tredwell, Deborah Allen, Elizabeth Woolly, John Jackson Sands, Richard Tredwell, adults.
          Henry Wooly, son of Thomas and Ann Tredwell.
          Uriah, son of Benjamin and Hannah Platt.
October 28--Elizabeth Pool, Ruth Petit, Ann Carman, Abigail Carman, James Pool, adults.
          Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Samuel, Richard, children of Samuel and Mary Carman.
          James, Stephen, children of Robert and Ruth Petit.
          Daughter of William and Mary Mott.
          John, son of John and Mary Pratt.
November 18--Eleonor Burling, Ann Mott, adults.
November 25--Jemima Southard, daughter of Obadiah Smith.
December 2--Sarah, daughter of Allen and Phebe Mitchel.
December 9--Henry, son of Andrew and Mary Onderdonk.
December 30--George son of Rich & Han Hewlet.
          Samuel, son of Caleb and Elizabeth Newton of Brookhaven, and 
          David, son of Abel and Deborah Biggs of SmithTown, baptised at Rongconkaway Pond.
December 31--Mary, daughter of Abigail and Anne Tucker of Brookhaven, baptised at Rongconkaway Pond.

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