January 8--Frances, daughter of William and Elizabeth Demot. 
          Isaac, son of Martha and Gilbert Johnson
January 18—George Weeks, Elisabeth Cheeseman and Mary Fowler, adults.
          Joseph and Sarah, children of Richard and Eliz. Cheesman.
January 26—Mrs. Catherine Petit, wife of Wm. Petit.
          Barnabas and Mary Ann, children of William and Catherine Petit.
February  2—John Brewer, Jemima Brewer, Pheebe Cornell, Catherine Cornell, Moses Cornell, adults.
          Hannah, daughter of John and Jemima Brewer.
          John, son of Uriah and Rebecca Pearsall.
February  4—Elizabeth Nicoll of Mastick, baptised at Islip.
February  5—John Place, adult of Mastick, baptised at Islip.
          Henry Holland, son of Henry and Elizabeth Nicoll, and
          Richard Floyd, son of Benjamin and Ann Nicoll, baptised at Islip.
March  9—Pheebe Mott, adult.
March  7—Samuel Walters and Mary Pratt, adults, and
          Henry and Cornelius, sons of Samuel and Martha Walters, and
          Samuel, Mary, Jacob, children of John and Mary Pratt, and Jonathan and Elisabeth, children of Jo seph and 
               Catherine Skilman, all baptised at Oyster Bay.
May  9—Thomas Daniel, son of Thos. Lambert and Judith Moore.
May 10—William Cornell, aged 14 years.
May 11—Elizabeth, daughter of William and Mary Searing.
May 12—Joseph, son of Samuel and Martha Johnson.
June 18—Samuel, son of Thomas and Catherine Clowes.
          Thomas and Abigail, children of Morris and Phebe Durling.
          Lewis, son of Stephen and Sarah Petit.
          John, son of John and Arebella Marvin.
          Sophia, son of William and Ann Peters.
June  9—Anne, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah Rhodes.
     Mary, daughter of Fulkerk and Elizabeth Deryea of
       Oyster Bay, baptised at Hemnpstead.
June 16—Charles, son of David and Elizabeth Demot.
     Abigail, daughter of John and Jemima Brewer.
June  I 7-- Silvester Begel, adult.
     Joseph, son of Silvester and Catherine Begel.
June  24—Benjamin, son of William and Ruth Eldred.
July 27--ThOmas, son of Joseph and Catherine Skilman of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
August 5--Samuel, Handly, adult.
          Oliver, son of Elias and Mary Durling.
          Smith, son of John and Ruth Watts.
August 10--Elizabeth, daughter of John and Pheebe Kissam.
          Daniel Kissamn, Richard, Mary, children of Elijah and Sarah Allen.
August 27--Children of Samuel Watt.
August ??--David, son of Stephen and Mary Baldwin.
September 20--Catherine and Mary, children of Gilbert and Margaret Van Mater, baptised at Brooklyn Ferry.
          William, son of William and Sarah Frobisher, baptised at Brooklyn Ferry.
October 8--Pheebe, daughter of Richard and Sarah Thorne.
October 16-- James Nostrandt, Hannah Hagerman, Elizabeth Pearsell, Sarah Johnson, Rachel Combs, adults,
          Joseph Hewlet, son of William and Ann Watts.
          Marris, Catherine Susanna, children of Henry and  Hannah Petit.
          Mary Petit, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Hagerman.
October 25--David, son of David and Hannah Brooks.
October 29--Henry Mott, adult.
November 1--Jane, daughter of Joseph and Jerusa Haviland.
November 5--Sarah Simmons, adult, aged 42 years.
          Deborah, Silas, Jonathan and Ann, children of Obediah and Sarah Simons, baptised at Islip.
November 13--Richard Hewlet, Sarah Van Nostrandt, Sarah Latham, adults, and
          Thomas, Richard, Elizabeth, children of Richard and Hannah Hewlet, and
          Richard Hewlet, son o.f John and Sarah Nostrandt, and Sarah and William Boyd, children of John and ary Latham, and
          Richard, son of John and Sarah Latham, all haptised at Fosters Meadow.
December 16--Jane and Benjamin, children~of Benjamin and Susanna Woolley.
December 19--Phebe Mitchel, Patty Mitchel, Hannah Nostrandt, Susanna Woolley, adults.
          Susanna, Sarah, Elizabeth, Meriam, children of Benjamin and Susanna Woolley.
          Mary, wife of Samuel Hutchings.
          Robert, Susanna, Mary, children of Samuel and Mary Hutchings.

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