January z6--Whitehead, son of George and Susanna Hewlett.
March 4.--Jane Cornell, adult at Forsters Meadow
April 17--Hannah, daughter of Henry and Meriam Woolley. 
          Sarah, daughter of Benjamin and Hanah Platt.
April 24--Robert, son of Timothy and Rebecca
          Mary, daughter of John and Ruth W
          Martha, daughter of Martin and Sari
April 26--Hannah Smith, Lavinia Toffey, adul
          Richard and Hannah, children of Hannah Smith.
May 22--James, son of Benjamin and Ann Laurence.
          Ann, daughter of John and Arebella
June 29--Zadoc, son of Jochua and Sarah Petit
July 19--Elizabeth Deryea, adult, wife of Full
          Cornelius, son of Fulkerk and Elizabeth Deryea of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead
July 18--Ann Durling, adult, wife of Jos. Durling
          Stephen, Sarah, Letitia, children of Joseph and Hannah Durling.
August 3--Joseph Hall, son of Thomas and Mary Durling
August 14.--Jacob Samberson, adult.
August 29--Martha Durling, adult.
August 30--Jane Durling, daughter of Martha Durling.
August 28--Obadiah Smith, Sarah Smith, adults.
          Silvanus, Moses and Sarah, children of Obadiah and Sarah Smith.
August 31--Sarah Curtis, adult.
October 3--Joshua, Daniel, Jane, children of Robert and Mary Saterly, baptised at Brook Haven.
October 4--Sarah, daughter of Abel and Deborah Biggs baptised of Rongconkaway Pond.
October 5--Sarah, daughter of Timothy and Gerviel Smith baptised at Setacut.
October ?? --Susanna Peterson, adult.
November 27--Joseph John and James William, children of Elias and Hannah Burtis.
Miriam, daughter of John and Mirian
December 7--Jane, Samuel, Jacob Begel, Thomas, children of Samuel and Margaret Stringham.
December 21--Amy, daughter of Flower and Elizabeth Hulse.
          Sarah, William, children of John and Elizabeth Weeks.
December 25--Elizabeth Tredwell.

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