April 4--George, son of Benjamin and Elisabeth Tredwell.
June 18--Pheebe, daughter of John and Mary Thorne.
June 20--Ruth, daughter of William and Anne Peters.
July 11--Elisabeth, Gilbert, children of Stephen and Mary Baldwin of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
July 18--Sarah, daughter of Jonathan and Helena Gilderslieve. 
August 1--Martha, daughter of Eldred and Catharine Vn. Wyck, and 
          Pheebe, daughter of Isaac and Mary Young, and
          Mary, daughter of Simeon and Levina Walters, all baptised at Oyster Bay.
August 8--Miriam, daughter of Elias and Hannah Burtis. 
August 31--Stephen, son of Stephen and Mary Cornwell.

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