January 2--Christian Ludwig, son of Ernestus and Elisabeth Stocker.
          Wilhelmina Catarina, daughter of Jacob and Ursula Horn.
January 8--Lorina, daughter of Jabey and Sabra Bacon, baptised at Huntington.
January 31--Nancy, Joseph, William, children of Timothy and Rebecca Rhoads.
February 16--Mary, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Valentine, baptised at Oyster Bay.
          Daniel, son of Darling and Sarah Whitney of Huntington, baptised at Oyster Bay.
March 9--Joseph, son of Joseph and Martha Denton of Huntington, baptised at Oyster Bay.
          William, son of Francis and Sarah Armstrong, baptised at Oyster Bay.
March 30--Hannah Hendrickson, Margaret Hendrickson, Sarah Brown, Susannah Titus, 
                Thomas Hendrickson, adults, baptised at Oyster Bay.
          Sarah, Carman, John, Thomas, Stephen, children of Stephen and Hannah Hendrickson, and
          Mary, daughter of Thomas and Margarett Hendrickson, baptised at Oyster Bay.
April 27--Hannah Combes, adult, and
          Elisabeth, Abigail, Rachel, Pheebe, John, children of Thomas and Margaret Hendrickson, baptised at Oyster Bay.
May 11--Sarah, daughter of John and Mary Jacobs.
June 29--Judah, daughter of George and Anne Watts. 
          Anne, daughter of Elias and Mary Dorlon.
          Joseph, son of Silvester and Catherine Bedel.
July 6--Fanny, daughter of John and Arabella Carman.
July 20--Nathaniel, son of Isaac and Mary Johnson.
September 23--Ruth, daughter of Richard and Elisabeth Gilderslieve.
October 6-Anne Wilson and Sarah Searing, adults.
          Mary, daughter of Stephen and Anne Wilson.
          Sarah, Samuel Searing, children of Stephen and Sarah Carman.

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