January 2--Charles, son of George and Mary Bowan. 
          Honour, daughter of Timothy and Catherine Haly.
January 4--Joseph, son of Benj amine and Catherine Lee. 
January 10--Catherine Elisa, daughter of Dedrick and Margaret Faith.
January 20--Uriah Pearsall, adult, and
          Jarvis, son of Uriah and Catherine Pearsall.
February 7--Joseph, son of Benjamin and Susannah Hylton. 
February 8--George William, son of John David and Maria Christina Hega.
February 10--Robert, son of Jacob and Mary. Marvin. 
          Marianne, daughter of Robert and Margaret McCoy. 
          Charlotta, daughter of Martin and Anna Catherine Elisabeth Kehrn.
February 22--Maria Sophia, daughter of Catharine Elisabeth and John Buley.
February 24.--Israel, son of Isaac and Mary Youngs, baptised at Cold Spring.
February 24--John Frederick, son of Nicholas Popp and Anne Poppin.
          Joanna Magdalene, daughter of George Wiegant and
          Anne Wiegantia, his wife, all baptised at Oyster Bay. 
February 25--Justina, daughter of Frederick Lunzel and Anna Lunzel.
March 3--Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Anderson.
March 5--John, son of John and Mary Hand.
March 8--William, son of James and Elizabeth Brushett.
March 10--Benjamin, son of Daniel and Mary Kissam.
May 4--Mary, daughter of Timothy and Catharine Haly.
May 19--Charles Spencer, son of Leonard and Anne Frances Cutting.
May 26-- Mary, wife to Jonathan Gorum, and
          Sarah, wife to Darlin Whitney, and
          Sarah, wife to Joseph Hansford, adults, all baptised at Huntington.
May 26--Sarah, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Gorum, and
          John, son of Elisabeth McCavey, and
          Mary, daughter of Moses and Pheebe Jarvis, and
          John Hans, son of Joseph and Sarah Hartford, and
          James, son of James and Sarah Ketchum, and
          Esther, daughter of Jacamiah and Ruth Rogers, and
          William, son of John and Theodosia Needham, and
          Richard, son of Nathaniel and Millesant Selleck, and
          Elisabeth, daughter of Freeman and Mary Hughs, all baptised at Huntington.
July 7--Mac. John Edward, son of William and Sarah Hancock.
July 16--Sarah, daughter of Israel and Mary Smith. 
          Richard, James, Joshua, sons of Joshua and Sarah Pettit.
          Joseph, Anne, children of Israel and Latitia Smith.
          Latitia, Pheebe, Elisabeth, children of Michael and Elisabeth Demott.
          Mary, Anthony, children of Michael and Mary DcMott.
          Margaret, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Hagaman.
          Benetta, daughter of Elias and Mary Dorlon.
          John, son of David and Elisabeth De-Mott.
          Anne, daughter of Robert and Anne Davison.
          Jemima, daughter of Whitehead and Jane Skidmore.
          Pheebe, daughter of John and Jane Pettit.
          Sarah, daughter of Joannes and Mary Hendrickson.
          Elisabeth, daughter of John and Catharine Noland. 
July 28--Adam, son of Benjamin and Anne Lawrence.
          William, son of John and Mary Hatfield.
August 4--Elisabeth, daughter of Barnet and Mary Manger. 
          James, son of James and Mary Welch.
August 6--John, son of John and Mary Thorne.
August 9--James Keirstead, Anne Watts, Deborah Johnson, Margaret Thomas, adults.
          Margaret, daughter of George and Anne Watts.
          John, son of Simeon and Margaret Watts.
          Samuel, son of James and Elisabeth Keirstead. 
August 9--Oliver, son of Richard and Hannah Brewer.
          Elisabeth, daughter of Stephen and Mary Smith.
          Mary, daughter of William and Mary Johnson.
          Jane, daughter of Cornelius and Elisabeth Millar.
          John, son of Peter and Margaret Thomas.
          Increase, Elizabeth, children of William and Catherine Petit.
          George Bunce, Elisabeth, children of Henry and Hannah Pearsall.
          Susanna, daughter of William and Anne Watts.
          Richard Dean, Charles Cornwallis, children of Richard and Hannah holland.
August 11--Gideon, son of Samuel and Freelove Nicols, baptised at Oyster Bay.
August 19--Zabella Smith and Elisabeth Smith, adults.
          Margaret, Susanna, Elisabeth, children of Flower and Elisabeth Hulce.
          Gilbert, son of Gilbert and Martha Johnson.
August 25--Anne, daughter of John and Sarah Denning.
August 29--Henry Wisner, Elisabeth, children of Richard and Sarah Thorn.
          John Smith, son of Joshua and Lydia Burt.
          Elisabeth, daughter of David and Mary Burt.
September 13--Flower Hulce, adult.
September 26--Samuel, son of Thomas and Rachel Banister.
September 30--Pheebe, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Johnson.
October 20--John, son of Martin and Sarah Vn. Ostrant
          Eyre Evans, son of Richard and Anne Crow.
November 17--Frederick, Gertrude, children of John Rudolph and Elisabeth Rochin, his wife.
November 27--Maria Catharine, daughter of Jacob and Christiana Trimbach.
December 1--Philippa Barbara, daughter of Charles and Catharine Smith.
December 3--Elisabeth Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth Todd.
          Thomas Whitehead, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cornell.
December 18--John, son of John and Mary Barnes.
December 20--Elisabeth, daughter of Archibald and Elisabeth Carson.
December 25--Maria Eustina, daughter of Jacob and Bredow.
December 27--Peter Waters, Zurviah Waters, Obediah V
          Rachal Valentine, John Jones, Margarett
          Hannah Valentine, Elisabeth Valentine, Martha
          Valentine, Martha Place, Elisabeth Place, all adults of Oyster Bay, baptised at Oyster Bay. 
December 27--Elisabeth, Samuel, Mary, children of Edward and Elisabeth Talbot, an
          Hewlett, James, sons of Obediah and Rachel Valentine, and
          John, son of James Walters and Mary his wife deceased.
          William Miles, John, sons of Townsend and Margarett Hewlett, and
          Charles, Hannah, Mary, children of Charles and Martha Hewlett, and
          William, son of John and Hannah Jones, and
          Hewlett, son of Penn and Ruth Weekes, and
          Sarah, daughter of Thomas, deceased, and Elisabeth Valentine, all of Oyster Bay and baptised at Oyster Bay.

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