January 1--Thomas Edward, son of Edward and Mary Savage.
January 23--Mary, daughter of John and Anne McNammara.
February 13--Catharine Valentine, daughter of Frederick and Dorothea Donahue.
February 13--John, son of Hendrick and Pheebe Hagner.
March 3--Caleb, son of Caleb and Susannah Lobdell, baptised at Oyster Bay.
March 22--Esther, daughter of John and Arabella Carman. 
June 24--Elias Dorlan, son of Elias and Hannah Burtis.
June 24--Hannah, daughter of Lennington and Martha Dorion.
July 26--Josiah Martin, son of Thomas and Rachel Banister.
August 5--Jane, daughter of Adam and Miriam Seabury.
August 26--Elizabeth, daughter of John and Ruth Watts.
          Elizabeth, daughter of Elias and Mary Dorlan.
          Sarah, daughter of Silvester and Catharine Bedel. 
August 26--Charles, son of William and Hannah Cornell.
September 2--Robert, son of Robert and Anne Nickle.
September 17--Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Martha Dorlan. 
September 21--Sarah Filkins, adult.
          Joseph and Richard, sons of Isaac and Sarah Filkins. 
September 24--Sarah Gilderslieve, adult.
          Benjamin, son of George and Susannah Hewlett.
          Epinetus Platt, son of Stephen and Mary Cornwell. 
September 25--George Cornwell, adult.
          Joseph and John, sons of Niake and Abigail Smith. 
October 8--William, son of Alexander and Mary Dunlap. 
November 18--Catharine, Samuel Clowes, children of Maurice and Aletta Symondson.
          Marianne, daughter of Thomas and Catharine Clowes.
December 9--Elizabeth, daughter of Valentine and Elisabeth Dofering.
December 10--Sarah Pettit, adult, and
          Arabella, daughter of Stephen and Sarah Pettit, and 
          Samuel, son of Obediah and Susanna Pettit.

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