January 31—Jemima, daughter of Patrick and Mary Sullivan.
April 23—Lochland, son of Lochiand and Mary McDonald of New York, baptised at Oyster Bay.
          Margaret, daughter of John and Rachel Cuttle.
May 11—Elisabeth, daughter of Alexander and Florence Haire.
May 21—-Ralph, son of James and Sarah Ketchum, and
          John, son of John and Jane White, and
          Richard, son of Moses and Pheebe Jarvis, and
          Rebecca, Jecamiah, Ruth, Keturah, children of Jecamiah and Ruth Rogers, all baptised at Huntington.
May 21—Martha, daughter of John and Theodosia Needham,  baptised at Huntington.
May 21—Ralph, son of Thomas and Deborah Fairweather, and
          Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Abigail Hitchcock, and
          Isaac, son of Shubal and Martha Stephens, all haptised at Huntington.
May 21—Amy Denton and Martha Denton, adults, and
          John Walters, son of Stephen and Amy Denton, and
          Philip Youngs, Mary, children of Simeon and Levina Walters, and
          William, Rebecca, children of Joseph and Martha Denton, all baptised at Oyster Bay.
May 22—Samuel, son of James and Mary Buttleworth.
June  9—John, son of John and Catharine Jones.
June 16—William, son of Francis and Sarah Armstrong of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
July  2—Abigail Vn. Nostrant, adult.
July 16—Ann Durland, adult, and
          Valentine, son of Joseph and Mary Busley, and
          Prudence, daughter of Benjamin and Theodosia Clox, and
          Freelove, daughter of Samuel and Freelove Nicols, all baptised at Oyster Bay.
July 23—Anne, daughter of Samuel and Elisaheth Forbes.
July 30—Elisabeth, daughter of John and Anne Wetmore of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
July 30—John Henry, son of Archibald and Elisabeth Carson.
August  6—Isaac, son of Isaac and Mary Youngs, baptised Oyster Bay.
August 10—Robert, son of Robert Brown and Mary Rhoades.
August 13—James, son of Richard and Sarah Pine.
August 20—Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Susannah Hilton.
September 17—Jane, daughter of Arthur and Elinor Nicolson.
September 27—Mary, daughter of David and Agnes McKinnay.
October  2—Richard Carman, adult, and
          William, son of Richard and Sarah Carman.
October 15—Samuel, son of John and Elisabeth Foster.
October 21—Peggy, daughter of David and Nancy Allen.
          Philip, son of Elijah and Sarah Allen.
October 30—Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac and Rhoda Hewlett, and
          Thomas, son of Eidred and Catharine Van Wyck, baptised at Oyster Bay.
November  5—Seabury, son of Benjamin and Elisabeth Tredwell.
          Thomas, son of John and Hannah Horseman.
November 11—Philip Frederick, son of Joannes and Carolina Reidel, baptised at Oyster Bay.
November 19—Anthony Paul, son of John George and Rosina Seidling, baptised at Oyster Bay.
November 19—John, son of John and Mary Cammock.
November 20—Pheebe, daughter of Thomas Losee, deceased, and Pheebe Losec.

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