February 27—Billy, son of Joseph and Elisabeth Demilt, baptised at Oyster Bay.
March 28—Samuel, son of Daniel and Elisabeth Lefferts.
          Mary, daughter of Lott and Margaret Carman.
April 11—Hannah, daughter of Thomas and Rachel Van Wick, baptised at Oyster Bay.
April 13—Daniel, son of Daniel and Arabella Ludlow.
May 9—Mary, daughter of Adam and Miriam Seabury.
June 13—Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Freelove Nicols, baptised at Oyster Bay.
June 26—Elisabeth, daughter of Stephen Carman, baptised at Jamaica.
          James, son of. Stephen and Sarah Carman, baptised at Jamaica.
July 4—Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Skiliman, baptised at Oyster Bay.
August 18—Catharine, daughter of Stephen and Mary Cornwell.
August 22—Silas, son of Samuel and Catharine Carman 
          Margaret, daughter of John and Ruth Watts.
August 26—John Carman, adult.
          Betsey, daughter of John and Arabella Carman.
September  5—Miles, son of Miles and Rebecca Sweney, baptised at Oyster Bay.
September 19—Jane, daughter of Elias and Hannah Burtis.
October 26—William, son of John and Margaret Powel, of Harrow, in the County of Middlesex, England, baptised at Hempstead.
November  7—William and John, sons of Stephen and Isabella Lockwood, baptised at Oyster Bay.
          Andrew, son of Zephanis and Catherine Parr, and Elizabeth, daughter of James and Anne Berry, baptised at Oyster Bay.
November 14—Nathan, son of Jonathan and Helena Gilderslieve.
December 27—Hendrick, Mary, children of Hendrick and Pheebe Hagner.

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