February 17—Mary, daughter of James and Peggy Hanrahan.
February 26—Sarah Peters, Mary Peters, Jane Peters, John Peters, William Peters, adults.
March 29—Hannah, daughter of Jesse and Mary Hoyt, baptised at Oyster Bay.
April 26—John, William, Lemuel, Betsey, children of Lemuel and Mary Douglass, baptised at Huntington.
          Mary, daughter of John and Abigail Titus, and Mindwell, daughter of William and Abigail Johnson, baptised at Huntington.
April 26—Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Abigail Hatford and Samuel, John, Joseph Denton, children of
          Simeon and Levina Walters, baptised at Oyster Bay.
May  3—Samuel, son of John and Elinor Van Nostrandt.
May I0—Sarah, daughter of David and Sarah Picket of Stamford, Connecticut, baptised at Oyster Bay.
May 11—Rachel, daughter of Eldred and Catharine Van Wycke, baptised at Oyster Bay.
June 13—Sarah Carman, adult, and
          Benjamin, son of Stephen and Sarah Carman, baptised at Jamaica.
June 16—Henry Philip, son of Henry Holland and Martha Searle.
June 17—Richard Van Wyck, son of John and Mary Thorne.
June 18—Sarah, daughter of Charles and Abigail Cornwell.
July 19—Marianne, daughter of Richard and Sarah Pine.
July 26—Stephen, son of Elijah and Dma Wood.
August 23—Grace, daughter of Abraham and Grace Walton, baptised at Oyster Bay.
September 6—David, son of David and Elisabeth Dc Mott. 
September 27—Pheebe Gilderslieve, adult.
          Pheebe, daughter of Jecomiah Bedel and Elisabeth Gilderslieve.
October 18—Elisabeth, daughter of David and Nancy Allen.
November 2—William, son of William and Hannah Whitehouse.
November 22—Aaron, son of Aaron and Sarah Vn. Nostrant.
December 10—Mary Bonnet, adult, and
          Elisabeth Mary, daughter of Peter and Mary Bonnet, of New Rochelle.
          Joseph, son of Jasper and Susannah Drake of East Chester, and
          Jane, Susannah, George, Charles, children of George and Susannah Hewlett of Hempstead, all baptised at Hempstead.
December 11—Peggy, daughter of Elijah and Sarah Allen.
          Pheebe, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Woolley.

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