March 24--Hester Lambcrtson, an adult.
          Hester, daughter of Thomas and Tempe Allen.
          Hannah, daughter of Elijah and Hannah Spragg. 
March 27--Timothy, son of Timothy and Anne Smith.
          Nancy, daughter of Banjamin and Deborah Cheese-man.
March 29--Elisabeth Peterson, adult, daughter of John and Elisabeth Peterson.
          Peter, son of Timothy and Anne Smith.
April 4--Ruth, daughter of Adam and Miriam Seabury. 
April 20--Rebecca Raimond, daughter of Shubal and Freelove Smith, baptised at Huntington.
June 3--Elisabeth Francis, adult.
          Daniel Whitehead, Hewlett, children of Joseph and Mary Kissam.
June 6--Abraham, son of Samuel and Hannah Vanwyck, baptised at Oyster Bay.
          Lewis, John, Sons of Charles and Martha Hewlett, baptised at Oyster Bay.
July 24--Hannah, John, children of Cornelius and Hannah Jackson.
          Sarah, Jacob, Samuel, children of Flower and Elisabeth Hulse.
          Henry, son of Henry and Jemima Millar.
          Betsey, daughter of William and Pheebe Stites.
August 1--Martha, daughter of John and Sarah Hewlett, baptised at Oyster Bay.
September 5--William, son of Leonard and Anne Frances Cutting.
October 31--Mary, daughter of Gilbert and Abigail Van Wyck.

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