March 10--Cadwallader, son of George Duncan and Frances Ludlow.
May 24--Richard, son of Jonathan and Hellena Gilderslieve.
June 7--Sarah, wife of Martin Vn. Ostrand.
          Pheebe, daughter of Martin and Sarah Vn. Ostrand.
June 27--Titus, Margaret, John, Samuel, Mary, Henry, children of Harman- and Mary Lefford, baptised at Oyster Bay.
June 12--James, son of James and Mary Scottow.
July ia 12--James, son of Joseph and Hannah Hall.
August 2--Pheebe, daughter of Nicholas and Pheebe Watts.
August 23--Nicholas, son of John and Lucretia Lenintone.
October 3--John, Benjamin Southward, and James, son of Joseph and Alice Southward.
October 22--Martha, daughter of George and Catharine West of Shrewsburg.
December 6--William, son of Richard and Sarah Thorne. 
December 25--Adam, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Treadwell.

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