January 17--Richard, Rebecca, Abigail, Mary, William, children of William and Mary Gritman.
          Ezekiel and Miriam, children of James and Abigail Verity.
          Samuel, son of Henry and Jemima Millar.
January 27--Jane, daughter of Charles and Abigail Cornell. 
January 28--Sarah, wife of Peter Loumberdie.
          Elisabeth, Pheebe, daughters of Peter and Sarah Loumberdie.
January 28--John Whaley, adult.
          Benjamin, Peter, Hester, Pheebe, Deborah, children of John and Mary Whaley, and Jonathan, son of John and Sarah Sniffen.
February 14--William and Elisabeth, children of John and Elisabeth Barkit.
February 25--Elisabeth, daughter of Samuel and Susannah Treadwell.
March 15--Abraham Montier, son of Abraham and Grace Walton, of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
April 7--William, son of Nicholas and Pheebe Watts.
May 10--Charity, Pheebe, David, children of Caleb and Margaret Southward.
May 12--Sarah, daughter of Richard and Sarah Thorne.
          Henry, son of William and Sarah Treadwell.
June 20--Samuel George Thomas, son of Josiah Martin Esq. Governor of North Carolina and Elisabeth Martin.
June 23--Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Rachel Van Wycke, of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
July 3--Sarah, wife of James Verity.
          Mary Smith and Sarah Verity, adults.
July 16--Arietta, daughter of Gabriel and Anne Ludlow.
July 21--William, son of John and Ruth Gritman.
          Mary, daughter of John and Mary Marvin.
July 28--Elisabeth, daughter of John and Sarah Hewlett, baptised at Oyster Bay.
August 4--Joseph, son of Joseph, deceased, and Mary Maud, of the Bay of Honduras, baptised at Hempstead.
August 20--Peggy, daughter of Daniel and Peggy Kissam.
September 17--Rebecca Thodes and Daniel Gilderslieve, adults.
          Simeon, Stephen, Mary, David, Elisabeth, children of Richard and Elisabeth Gilderslieve.
          Daniel, son of Timothy and Rebecca Thodes.
October 27-- Elisabeth, daughter of Gilbert and Abigail Van Wyck.
          Elijah, son of Elijah and Dinah Wood.
November 17--Betsy, daughter of William and Pheebe Smith.
November 23--Pheebe, daughter of Philip and Abigail Thorne.

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