January 2--Elisabeth, daughter of John and Elisabeth Dc Mott. 
January 23--Abigail, Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, children of
          Thomas and Susanna Carman.
January 25--Sarah Thorne, wife of Richard Thorne, and 
          Mary Seaman, adults.
          Richard, son of Richard and Sarah Thorne.
February 8--Henry Peters, adult, and
          Rebecca, wife of Jacob Smith, and
          Sarah, wife of William Treadwell, and
          James, son of William and Sarah Treadwell, and
          Ruth, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Smith. 
March 10--Martha Seamans, widow, and
          Anne and Martha Seamans, adults, and
          Jane and Philena Seamans, children of Martha Seamans.
March 10--Mordecai, son of Israel and Mary Smith. 
March 25--Jemima Hewlet, adult, and 
          Stephen, son of Benjamin and Jemima Hewlett.
March 25--Gabriel Verplanck, son of Gabriel and Anne Lud.low.
March 25--Sarah, daughter of Charles and Sarah Crommelin Flushing, baptised at Hempstead.
March 30--Silvanus Smith, Timothy Smith, Jane Smith,
          Deborah Smith, Mary Smith, adults, and Rebecca, John and Jenny, children of Timothy and Jane Smith.
April 2--Anna, daughter of Charles and Abigail Cornwell.
April 16--Catherine, daughter of George and Catherine West of Shreasburg, baptised at Hempstead.
April 18--Maria Elisabeth, daughter of Abraham and Grace Walton of Oyster Bay, baptised at Muscel Cove.
May 7--Cornelius, son of Gilbert and Abigail VanWyck.
June 23--Jonathan and William Doxee, adults.
June 29--Henry, son of John and Lucretia Lininton.
August 18--George Duncan, son of George Duncan and France Ludlow.
August 20--Henry, son of Nicholas and Pheebe Watts.
September 30--Philip Thorne, adult, and
          obert and Mary, children of Philip and Abigail Thorne.
          Pheebe, daughter of Richard and Catharine Smith.
          Jonas, son of Samuel and Mary Denton.
          Pheebe, daughter of Philip Smith and Elisabeth Platt.
October 1--Cornell Smith, adult, and 
          Elijah, Cornell, Jacob, Mary, Amos, John, children of Cornell and Mercy Smith.
November 5--Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah Hewlett of Oyster Bay, baptised at Hempstead.
November 15--Elizabeth and Joseph Smith, adults, and John, Timothy, Silvanus, Sons of Silvanus and Sarah Smith.
December 12--Mary Waters, adult, and Samuel, son of William and Martha Thorne.
December 24--William, son of Jonathan and Hellena Gildersleve.

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