January 8--Martha, wife of William Thorne, and
          Sarah, Richard, Thomas Cornell, Mary, William, John, children of William and Martha Thorne.
February 7--Elisabeth, daughter of Benjamin and Elisabeth Treadweli.
February 21--Hannah and Anne, daughters of Joseph and Hanna Hall.
March 16--Alice, daughter of Col. Josiah Martin, and Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, baptised at Jamaica.
April 10--Samuel, son of Samuel and Keziah Parsail, and 
          Isabella, daughter of Henry and Anne Alice, and
          Robert, son of John and Jane Kelly, baptised at Huntington.
April 12--Thomas, Jane, Sarah, Ruth, children of William and Sarah Burtis.
July 6--Hannah Rhodes, Anne Rhodes, Samuel Rhodes, adults.
September 9--Eleanor, daughter of Williamand Elisabeth Golder. 
September 18--Benjamin Whitehead, son of Joseph and Sarah Horsefield.
November 27--Elisabeth, daughter of Elisabeth and John Allen.

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