April 1--Richard, son of Daniel and Peggy Kissam.
April 5--Divine, son of John and Sarah Hewlett, baptised at Oyster Bay.
April 12--Charity, daughter of Charles and Abigail Cornwell.
May 3--Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Stringum.
May 14--Hannah, daughter of John and Lucretia Linink.
May 22--Maria, daughter of Abraham and Grace Walton, baptised at Mused Cove in Oyster Bay.
May 24--Judith, daughter of Nicholas and l'hebe Watts.
May 28--John Lamberson and Mary Bond, adults.
          Mary Wiggins and Pheebe, daughters of Abraham and Jane Bond.
July 19--Elisabeth, daughter of Reuben and Elisabeth Dean, and
          Thomas, son of Thomas and Hanah Jarvis, and
          Ebenezer, son of Isaiah and Elisabeth Rogers, and
          John, son of Shubal and Freelove Smith, all baptised at Huntington.
August 2--James, son of Stephen and Jane Thorne.
September 9--Elisabeth, daughter of George Duncan and Frances Ludlow.
September 18--Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Susannah Treadwell.
September 20--Anne Cornell, adult, baptised at Flushing.
November 4--Sarah, Mary, Samuel Cornell, Charlotte and Francis, children of Francis and Hannah Brown, baptised at Flushing.
November 6--Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Elisabeth Grenold, of Huntington, baptised at Hempstead.
December 8--Jane, daughter of Jonathan and Hellena Gildersleive.
December 27--Adam, son of Adam and Miriam Seabury.

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