April 19--Alchy, daughter of Jonathan and Eloner Gildersieve. 
July 21--Esther, daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth Miller.
          Phebe, daughter of Samuel and Mary Denton.
          Hannah, daughter of John and Lucretia Linington.
          Hannah, daughter of Nicholas and Phebe Watts. 
October 13--Samuel, son of Adam and Miriam Seabury.
          Timothy, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Treadwell.
          Mary, daughter of Israel and Mary Smith.
          Mary, daughter of Richard and Catherine Smith.
          Margaret, daughter of Morrill and Mary Smith of Chester in Connecticut.
December 1--Stephen, son of James and Mary Sills of Setauket, and
          aniel, son of Isaac and Susannah Baldwin.
December 29--James, son of Thomas and Ann Horsefield of Brooklin.
          Samuel and Elizabeth, children of William Cornell and Miriam Cornell, deceased.

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