January 23--Joel, son of Zopher and Deborah Rogers, baptised at Huntington.
          Betsey, daughter of Shubal and Freelove Smith, baptised at Huntington.
February 10--Daniel Rhodes, adult, and 
          Mary, William and Benjamin, children of Daniel and Miriam Rhodes
January 13--Vanwick, son of John and Mary Peihemus, baptised at Oyster bay.
January 13--Raeda, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Hanus, baptised at Oyster bay.
February 18--Denton and Elizabeth Dozenborough, adults.,
April 11--John, son of Henry and Ann Alley, baptised at Huntington.
April 26--Mary and Charles, children of Timothy and Ann
May  6--Elizabeth, daughter of George and Sarah Laurence.
May 12--Phebe, daughter of Benj. and Hannah Smith. James, son of Samuel and Katherine Cornel.
May 20--Phebe, daughter of John and Mary Marvin.
          Elizabeth, daughter of Emuel and Mary Denton.
          Miriam, daughter of Charles and Abigail Cornel.
          Anne, daughter of Adam and Miriam Seabury.
June 5--John Andrewson, son of John and Prudence Hawkins of Hempstead, baptised at Oyster bay.
June 19--Susanna, daughter of Isaac and Susanna Baldwin.
          Peter, son of Peter and Margaret Stringham.
          Stephen, son of John and Lucretia Linninton.
August 21--George, son of William and Ann Watts.
September 1--James, son of John and Martha Bedel, both deceased.
September --Joseph, son of Henry and Ruth Jackson.
October 16--Winefred, daughter of Isaac and Phebe Smith.
December 24--William Smith, adult, and 
          John, Elizabeth and Benjamin, children of Samuel and Levinah Smith.

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