January 3 1--John, son of John Linington.
February 3--Samuel, son of Edward and Phebee Spragg.
          William and Moner, children of widdow Hannah Burns.
          Martha, daughter of Edward and Hannah Verity.
          Pegge, daughter of Daniel and Phebe Smith, and
          Elizabeth Spragg, adult.
February 4--Adam and Philip, children of George and Sarah Laurance baptised at Flushing.
February 11--Samuel Cornel, Charles Cornel and Hannah Cornel, adults.
          Joseph and Nancey, children of Ruth Howard. 
          Samuel, Daniel and Jacob, children of Joseph and Hannah Cornel.
          Jane, daughter of Samuel and Katherine Cornel.
          Abigail and Rachel, children of Charles and Abigail Cornel.
March 5--Joseph Cheeseman, Sarah Cheeseman, Joseph Cheeseman jun., Mary Cheeseman, Sarah Cheeseman, 
          William Hutton and Phebe Hutton, adults.
March 5--Anthony, Richard, Elizabeth and Samuel, children of Joseph and Sarah Cheeseman.
March 5--Martha, daughter of Miriam Smith.
March 9--Samuel, son of Samuel and Mary Denton.
          Catherine, daughter of Isaac and Margaret Smith.
March 16--Deborah and Katherine, children of Timothy and Ann Smith.
March 12--Betsey and Beekke, children of Caleb and Margaret Southworth.
April 19--Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Martin.
April 20--Anna, daughter of Isaac and Jemime Forsure of Westchester, baptized at Hempstead.
          Sarah, daughter of Eliz. Brooks, alias Flem.
May 2--Hannah, daughter of John and Mary Hewlett, baptised at Oyster bay.
May 9--Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Peggee Kissam.
May 31--Elizabeth Brooks. adult.
June 6--Coonrad, son of Coonrad and Rosannah Nesstey.
          Barbary, daughter of Philip Jacob and Ester Schaff, baptised at Fishkills.
June 6--Christian, son of Christian and Margaret Duper, and Katherine, daughter of Joseph and Katherine Dorlin, and Freelove and Mary, daughter of Elisha and Mary Bedell, baptised at Fishkills
June 7--Joseph, son of James and Elizabeth Green, and
          Elizabeth, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Bogardus, and George, son of Arthur and Mary Cosby, and
          Catherine and Sarah, daughters of John Lawrence and Catherine Newberger, and
          Mary, daughter of James and Rachel Weeks, all baptised at Fishkills.
June 9--Martine, son of John and Margaret Smith of Rumbout, baptised at Beekmans Precinct.
June 10--Hannah and Jurichee, children of John and Catherine Holland.
June 11--Peter, son of Roger and Rachel McDaniel.
June 9--Ann, daughter of Christian Sackrider.
June 13--John, son of Peter and Hannah Filkins.
          Eloner, daughter of William and Sarah Beedell.
          James, son of William and Nelle Teare.
          Elizabeth, daughter of Coleburt and Mary Robinson.
          Margaret, daughter of John and Mary Murry.
          John and Margaret Albirta Godfather and Mother. Henry and Catreen, childrejm of Caleb and Catreen Huested. 
          Hannah, daughter of Henry and Mary Filkins.
          Cornelius, son of Bernerd and Mary Filkins.
          Darius, son of Darius and Mary Lobdell.
June 14--Jacob Wright, adult.
          Lydia, Elizabeth, William Harrell, Joseph Hallett, children of Jacob and Mary Wright, baptised at Rumbout.
June 30--Thoma Duncan, son of George Duncan and Frances Ludlow.
July 11--Thomas, son of Israel and Mary Smith. 
July 18--Rebecca, daughter of Jonathan and Eloner Gildersieve.
December 9--Beniamen, son of Uriah and Sarah Platt. 
December 25--Samuel, son of Samuel Wood, deceased and Freelove Wood.

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