February 3--Arrabella, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Pettitt.
February 17--Reubcm, son of Henry and Sarah Jackson.
February 26--Nathaniel, son of Samuel and Margaret Allen, and 
          Stephen, son of Shubat and Freelove Smith, and 
          Thomas, son of Joseph and Deborah Mott, all baptised at Huntington.
March 1--Bathsheba, daughter of Richard and Bathsheba Rogers, of Huntington, baptised at Hempstead.
April 12--John, son of John and Mary Marvin. 
          Miriam, daughter of Jacob and Abigail Mott.
          Phebee, daughter of Isaac and Phebe Smith.
June 5--Wiiliam and Hannah Cornel, adults. 
          Elizabeth, Katherine and Melanethon, children of William and Hannah Cornell.
          Stephen, Abigail, William and Nance, children of John and Hannah Cornel.
          Melson Cornel and Martha Smith, Surety Elizabeth wife of Edward Cornel.
          John, Caleb and Mary, children of Mary Cornel, widdow of Daniel Cornel, deceased.
          Robert, Susanna and Jane, children of Sam. Gardiner.
          James, son of Elizabeth Lambertson.
June 11--Phebe and Hannah Munse, adults.
          Alchy Munse, Godfather James Turner and Godmother Altie Turner, and
          Jane, daughter of John and Phebe Munse.
          Ame Henderson, adult and Margarett Cornel, adult. 
July 5--Rebecca Skudder, adult, and
          Rebecca, daughter of Timothy and Rebeccah Skudder, baptised at Huntington.
          Mary, daughter of Caleb and Mary Wood, baptised at Huntington.
July 6--Richard, John and Griflith, children of Griflith and Martha Thomas, Scholmnaster of Huntington, baptised at Huntington.
July 12--Salen, son of Stephen Thorn. 
          Linnington, son of Elias and Hannah Dorlondt.
July 27--Elizabeth, Jane, Daniel, William and Elizabeth Hewlett, adults.
          Abigail, daughter of Israel and Elizabeth Horsfield of York Ferry, baptised at Hempstead.
Ju1y 29--Son of John and Sarah Johnson.
August 2--Howard, son of Bernerd and Jane Agies, baptised at Oyster bay.
September ??--Thomas Youngs, adult, baptised at Oyster bay.
November 15--Sarah, daughter of Uriab and Mary Wright, and John, son of Jeremiah and Abigail Rogers, and
          Elizabeth, daughter of Dennis and Susannah Wright, and 
          Elizabeth, daughter of Griffith Thomas, baptised at Huntington.
November 23--Rachel, daughter of William and Joannah Nicolls of Islip, baptised at Huntington.

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