January 17--Sarah Peterson, adult and Thomas, son of Sarah Peterson.
January 24--Sarah Treadwell, Samuel Tredwell, William Tredwell, adults, and Elizabeth, daughter of Banj. and Sarah Tredwell.
January 24--John Woolley, Joseph Woolley, William Woolley, Benjamin Woolley and Samuel Woolley, and Thomas, son of John and Hannah Woolley.
January 23--James and Mary, children of James and Mary Neuveil.
February 27--John, Phebe, Anne, Sarah and Daniel, children of Daniel and Pegge Kissam Elizabeth Mott, adult.
March 7--William, son of Peter and Elizabeth Holmes. 
          Hannah, daughter of Israel and Mary Smith.
          Ruth and Rebecca, children of Stephen and Mary Smith.
          Sarah Bedle, adult.
March 11--Hannah, Mary and Anne, children of Adam and Mary Carman.
April 30--Mary and Sarah, children of William and Kaziah Fowler.
May 1--Rebecca, daughter of Joseph and Phebee Thurston. 
          James Wood of Hempstead.
          Thomas and James, children of Peter and Margaret Stringham.
May 11--Stephen, son of Stephen and Mary Smith. Zorada, daughter of John and Mary Rowland.
June 19--Hannah, daughter of William and Sarah Bedel. 
          Peter, son of Peter and Hannah Filkins.
          Benjamin Cornel, adult.
July 16--Sarah, daughter of Richard and Mary Rhodes, and 
          Hannah, daughter of the widdow Eliz. Bunts.
July 20--Isaac, son of John and Mary Hewlet, baptised at Oyster bay.
August 3--Mary, daughter of Edmund Andrew, baptised at Huntington.
          Deborah, daughter of Zaphar Rogers, baptised at Huntington.
August 28--William, son of William and Mary Johnson.
September 13--Mary, David, Phebee, Deborah, John and William, children of John and Elizabeth Allen.
September 16--Isaac, son of Phebee Gritman.
September 17--Phebee, daughter of Luke Ruland, baptised at Huntington.
September 24--A grandchild of John Rayner.
November 2--Mary, daughter of Thomas and Phebe Spragg, and 
          Elizabeth, daughter of Johannes and Ann Young, and
          Jane, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Southward, and
          Phebe and Anne, children of Henry and Anne Southward, and Mary, daughter of Elias Conelin, and
          Elizabeth, daughter of John and Jamime Terbus, all baptised at Fishkills.
November 4--Anne, daughter of Joshua and Bridget Champlin, baptised at Beekmans Precinct. 
          Elizabeth, daughter of Simon and Penelop Noxon.
November 5--Joseph, Ame, Hannah and Sarah Smith, adults.
          Ame Wilsey, adult, and Elizabeth Snider, adult.
          Phebe and Elizabeth, children of Eliz Smith, and
          William, Thomas and Dorcas, children of Thomas and Mary Halstead, all baptised at Rumbout.
November 6--Peter, Seaman, Phebe, Deborah and Sarah, children of James and Sarah Germond, all baptised at Crum Elbow.
November 7--Jacobus, son of Jacobus and Eloner Jelkins of Crum Elbow. 
November 8--William, Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth, children of William and Sarah Bedel of Crum Elbow, and 
          James, Peter and Silus, children of Peter and Mary Germond of Crom Elbow, and
          Bernerd, son of Bernerd and Mary Jelkins of Crom Elbow,
         James, son of John and Elizabeth Germond of Crom  Elbow, all baptised at Crom Elbow.
November 8-  Jacob, Rhoda and Catherine, children of Henry and Mary Jelkins, baptised at Crom Elbow.
          Margery, daughter of Christian and Catherine Tobins, baptised at Crom Elbow.
November 9--Peter and John, children of John and Jerusha Warren of Crom Elbow, and
          Sarah, daughter of John and Jane Harris of Crom Elbow, all baptised at Crom Elbow.
November 11--Mary, daughter of Elisha and Diana Meritt of Philipsborough, baptised at Philipsborough.
November 30--Sarah, daughter of Philip and Dorcas Allen.

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