February 22--Miriam, daughter of Benj. and Hannah Smith.
March 3--Philip and Richard, sons of Stephen Thorn.
March 16--Francis, daughter of Bartholomew and Frintye Crannell, baptised at Poughkeepsie.
          Elizabeth, daughter of Peter and Mary Windover of Poughkeepsie.
          Mary, daughter of the same Peter and Mary Windover.
March 18--Thomas, child of Thomas Southward, baptised at Fishkill.
March 19--Joseph, son of John and Margaret Smith.
          Mary, daughter of Jacob Wilsey of Rumbout.
March 20--William, son of Robert and Diana Caseadan of Batemans.
          Peter, son of Jacob and Catherine Reasorer of Batemans.
          Joshua Carman, Adult, and 
          Sarah, Hannah, Phebe and Martha, children of Joshua and Sarah Carman of Batemans.
April 22--Stephen and Shubel, sons of Shubal and Freelove Smith, baptised at Huntington.
April 30--Joseph, son of John and Mary Totton.
May 5--Adam, son of Jeremiah and Mary Bedell.
May 9--Mary Lefferts, adult, and Adam and James, sons of Harmon and Mary Lefferts of Jericho, baptised at Oyster bay.
May 11--Phebe Shaw, adult.
May I2--Freelove Morrell, Anne Morrell and Martha Foster, adults.
June 6--John, son of Joseph and Eliz. Carman.
June 7--~Sevefl children of James Smith of Hempstead.
June 8--William, son of William and Mary Gritman.
          Gilbert, son of William and Mary Johnson.
June 15--Charles, son of Freelove Southward.
July 8--Abigail, daughter of Thomas and Rachel Vanwick, baptised at Oyster bay.
July 24--Joseph, son of Timothy Clowes.
August 24-- Sarah, Joseph and John, children of Samuel and Mary Denton.
          Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac and Margaret Smith.
August 30--John, son of John and Ann Dorlond.
September 12--Thomas Wood, son of Luland, baptised at Huntinton.
September 29--George and Elizabeth, children of John Stone.
October 7--Daniel, son of Cornelius and Hannah Jackson.
          Joseph, son of Stephen and Jane Carman.
          Jacob, son of John and Sarah Johnson.
          Jane and Samuel, children of Daniel and Phebee  Smith.
October 21--William, son of Chçistian and Margaret Duper, baptised at Fishkills.
          Abraham and Isaac, sons of John and Katherine Wright baptised at Fishkills.
October 24--Deborah Southworth, adult and Jane and John, children of Richard and Deborah Southward, baptised at Fishkills.
October 28-- Katherine Flower, adult.
          James Flower, son of Katherine Flower.

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