March 5--Anthony, son of Joseph and Miriam Oldfield. 
March 16--Henry and Micaiah, children of Coleman and Elisabeth Combs.
March 17--Millecent and Samuel, children of Samuel and Rebecca Clowes.
          John, son of Timothy and Mary Clowes. 
April 9--Daniel, son of Leffurt and Mary Hogewont.
April 9--Hannah, daughter of George and Hannah Hewlett.
          Benjamin and Elisabeth, children of Benj. and Mary Lester.
          Margaret, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Hall. 
April 30--Sarah, daughter of Isaac and Susanna Baldwin.
          Richard, son of Philip and Dorcas Allen.
May 24.--Ruth Peters, Miriam Peters, Anne Peters and James Peters, adults.
May 28--James, son of Jonathan and Eloner Gildersleeve.
June 11--Martha Bedell, adult.
August 23--Rachel Reyley, adult.
September 6--Margaret, daughter of Samuel and Mary Southward.
September 27--Townsend, son of John and Sarah Hewlett, baptised at Oyster bay.
September 17--Joseph Mott, adult, baptised at Oyster bay. 
October 15--Caleb, son of Caleb and Mary Wood.
          Richard, son of Richard and Bathsheba Rogers
          Pegge, daughter of Stephen and Susanna Seymour.
          Sarah, daughter of Timothy and Rebecca Scudder.
          Dennis, son of Dennis and Susanna Wright, all of Huntington, and baptised at Huntington.
October 21--Jane, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Seabury. 
October 22--Isaac and Ruth Mott, adults.
          Samuel Jackson and Jacob, sons of Jacob and Abigail Mott
October 23--William Cornell, adult, son of Joseph Cornell of Flushing.
November 22--James, son of James and Phebee Fareley.
December 3--Ruth, daughter of Isaac and Phebee Smith.
December 17--Freeman, son of Freeman and Mary Please.

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