February 19--Leneh Losee, Abigail Losee, Phebee Losee, adults.
          Langdon Lose, son of John and Eliz. Losee.
April 10--Mary, daughter of Moses Loud and his wife Mary.
April 11--Thomas, son of Jacobus and Amy Laurance.
April 25--Mary, Elizabeth, Susannah, Letitia and Charity, daughters of Charles and Jane Peters.
May 15--Israel, son of Israel and Mary Smith.
June 19--Sarah, daughter of John and Mary Marvin.
June 23--Sarah, daughter of Epenetus and Catherine Platt.
          Oliver, son of George and Sarah Lawrence.
          Pheebe, daughter of Isaac and Margaret Smith.
June 26--Eloner, daughter of F. Fergeson.
          Mary, daughter of Abraham Weeks.
          Jeremiah, son of William and Mary Dollowoy.
          Elias, son of Elias Conklin, baptised at Fishkills.
June 27--Henry and Sarah, children of John and Mary Kennedy, baptised at Fishkills.
June 29--Philip, son of Dennis Hix, baptised at Philipps Manor.
July 23--John and Israel, children of William and Deliverance Briele, baptised at Oyster bay.
August 14--Sarah, wife of John Hewlett, baptised at Oyster bay.
          Mary, daughter of John and Sarah Hewlet, baptised at Oyster bay.
July 31--John, son of John and Phebee Morrell.
August 21--Henry, son of Peter and Elizabeth Holmes.
September 8--William, son of Josiah and Mary Martin.
September 18--Samuel, son of Sam. Allen, baptised at Huntingtoh.
September 25--Charles Cambell, adult.
November 10--Elisabeth, daughter of Joseph and Elisabeth Skidmore, baptised at Huntington.
          Peter, son of Joseph and Mary Wells, baptised at Huntington.

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