January 4--William Pelton, infant, baptised at Oyster bay.
January 18--Abigail, daughter of Mary Lynes, and
          Zephaniah Platt, son of Zepheniah Platt, and 
          Margaret Ruland, adult, and
          Judith, daughter of Luke and Margaret Ruland, and 
          Sarah, daughter of Sam. Allen, baptised at Huntington.
February 8--Gloriana Stilwell, adult.
February 10--Mary Spragg and Mary Southward, adults.
          Rachel, Joseph and Margaret, children of Eliz. and Joseph Carman, and 
          Richard and Thomas, children of Thomas and Mary Spragg.
February 12--Riah Smith, son of Banj. and Hannah Smith.
February 15--Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Townsend, baptised at Oyster bay.
March 7--Robertson, son of Amos Morrel, Jun. baptised at Oyster bay.
March 12--Mary Marvin, adult, wife of John Marvin, and Jacob, son of John and Mary Marvin.
March ia--Elijah, son of Phillip and Doras Allen.
April 20--Jane, daughter of Israel and Elisabeth Horsfteld of York ferry.
May 9--James, son of James and Mary Jarvis, baptised at Oyster bay.
June 6--Joseph, son of Joseph and Jineche Southward.
June 13--Hannah, daughter of Elias Dorlont and Hannah Dorlont.
June 13--Phebee, daughter of John and Elizabeth Lester
          Elisabeth, daughter of Mary and Samuel Southward.
July 29--Richardson, Stephen, Caleb, Catherine, Aspinwall, children of Caleb and Catherine Cornwell.
July 29--Edward, Stephen and Joseph, children of Stephen and Sybyl Thorn.
August 15--Isaiah, son of Isaiah and Elizabeth Rogers, and Hannah, daughter of Dennis Wright, baptised at Huntington.
August 22--Brandt, son of Thomas and Rachel Van Wick, baptised at Oyster bay.
September 1--Caleb Southard, adult, and Abel and Pattee, children of Caleb and Margaret Southard.
September 5--Katherine, daughter of George Watts.
September i6--Banjamin Thurston, son of the widdow Hannah Thurston.
December 2--Margarett, wife of Peter Stringham, and
          John and Samuel, children of Peter and Margaret Stringham, and Rachel, daughter of Margaret Stringham.
          John, son of John and Mary Totton.
          Uriah, son of John and Sarah Johnson.
          William, son of Isaac and Susanna Baldwin.
          Aletta, daughter of Mary Linnington.

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