January 18--Uriah, son of Freeman and Mary Please.
January 21--David, son of Absolom and Elizabeth Seamans.
             Daniel and Joseph, sons of Joseph Denton.
February 22--Simon Cooper, adult, baptised at Oyster bay.
February 23--Luke Eldred, son of Thomas and Rachel Van Wick, baptised at Oyster bay.
March 23--Leffurt, son of Israel and Mary Smith.
April 7--Hannah, daughter of John Aspinwall, baptised at New York.
April 20--Peter, son of Peter and Elizabeth Holmes.
May 8--Jane, daughter of Isaiah and Elizabeth Rogers, and
           Mary, daughter of Caleb and Mary Wood, and
           Mary, daughter of Joseph and Deborah Mott, and
           William, son of John and Martha MacGier, all of Huntington, baptised at Huntington.
July 13--Gerhardus, son of Timothy and Mary Clowes.
July 24--John, son of John Langdon, deceased, and Katherine Langdon.
July 27--Elizabeth Gritman, adult, wife of John Gritman.
June 29--Edward, son of Daniel and Mary White, baptised at Oyster bay.
September 2--John Carman, adult.
November 9--Phebee, daughter of John and Phebee Morrell.
December 28--Sarah, daughter of Benj. and Mary Carpenter, baptised at Jamaica.

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