January 4--Francis, daughter of Josiah and Mary Martin. 
May 19--Sarah, daughter of John and Phebee Morrell.
             Mary, wife of Joseph Halstead.
June 7--Hannah, daughter of Coleman and Elisabeth Combs.
June 9--Abigail, daughter of George and Elisabeth Bunts.
June 12--Mary, daughter of Epenetus and Katherine Platt. Freelove and Platt, children of Isaac and Margaret Smith.
              Letitia, daughter of John and Mary Totton.
July 5--Letitia, daughter of John and Jane Doxey. Samuel, son of John and Sarah Johnson.
            A child of Coleman Combs.
           Joseph Langdon, presented by Joseph and Jane Alburtus.
August 12--Jane and Hannah, children of Benj. and Susanna Hewlett.
August 18--Robert King Galler, son of Mary and Robert Galler, baptised at Oyster bay.
August 25--Embree Hewlett, son of George and Hannah Hewlett.
October ??--John and David Johnson, Sons of James and Abigail Johnson.
November 9--Edmund Weeks, adult, baptised at Oyster bay.
December 2--Jehabod, son of Freelove Smith, baptised at Huntington.

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