January 21--Ann, daughter of Isaac and Susanna Baldwin.
                    John, son of Luke and Cornelia Covert.
                    Sarah, daughter of Israel and Mary Smith.
February 18--Sarah, daughter of Daniel and Mary White, baptised at Oyster bay.
February 28--James, son of Samuel and Mary Southward.
                        Elizabeth, daughter of John and Hannah Cornel..
                       John, son of Frederic and An Fredrixson.
                       A child of Harper Wanzer.
June ?? --James and Abigail Verity, adults and their three children.
August 15--Samuel Allen, adult, and Phebee, daughter of Sam.
                 Allyn, baptised at Huntington.
August 31--John Morrell, adult.
September 9--Mary,dughter of Mary Smith, widow.
                  Mary, daughter of Philip and Dorcas Allyn.
September 12--Elizabeth, wife of Jos. Skidmore, and Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Eliz. Skidmore.
                   Israel and Eliz., children of Caleb and Mary Wood, baptised at Huntington.
October 10--Hannah, Isaac, Jacob, Israel and Benj., children of Israel Conelius of Huntington, baptised at Huntington.
October 13--Hannah Smith, daughter of James Smith, jun.
October 14--Mary, daughter of Elias and Hannah Dorlend.
November 9--Adam Carman, Searnans Aiburtus and Hannah Alburtus, adults, and Phebe and Elizabeth, children of Adam and Mary Carman, and Richard, son of Seamans and Hannah Alburtus.
November 18--Jeremiah and Sarah Ruling, children of Abraham Rulin, baptised at Huntington.
              John, son of -- Andrews, baptised at Huntington. 
November 19--John and Abiel, sons of Capt. Titus of Huntington., baptised at Huntington.
December 27--John, son of Whitehead and Margarett Cornell.
              Martha and Pegge, children of William and Miriam Cornell.

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