January 26--Arrabella Jones, adult.
                     David and Mary, children of David and Anne Jones, baptised at Oyster bay.
March 3--Sarah Place, daughter of Freinan Place.
March 12--Rachel, daughter of Josiah and Mary Martin.
May 12--Mary Armstrong and Mary Veal, infants, baptised at Huntington.
May 20--Jacobus and Pasalena Hart, children of Jonathan Hart, baptised at Oyster bay.
               Jacobus Neagle, Charley and Selah, children of Jane Hubs, baptised at Oyster bay.
June 10--Rose Anna, daughter of John and Rose Anna Smith.
June 16--Joseph, son of John and Sarah Johnson.
July 14--Thomas, son of Thomas Linington.
July 15--Elias and Patience Cornelius, adults, baptised at Oyster bay.
July 31--Isaac, son of Zachariah Allyne.
August 9--Thomas Carman, Sarah Carinan, Abigail Carman, adults.
August 11--Israel, son of John Bennet, baptised at Huntington.
August 15--Elizabeth and James, children of Richard Come!.
August 22--Elizabeth Allyn, adult.
                   Zachariah and Thomas, children of Zachariah Allyn.
                  James, son of John and Mary Totton.
                  Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Temperance Bedell.
                 Abigail, daughter of Daniel and Phebe Smith.
September 29--John, son of Elias Dorland and Hannah his wife.
October 11--Son of Adam Carmen, at point of death.
October 13--George Weeks, baptised at Oyster bay.
October 31--Daughter of Coleman Combs.
November 5--Sarah and Thomas, children of Thomas and Ruth Carman.
                       Daniel, son of John and Anne Dorland.
November 8--Charity Treadwell, adult.
November 17--Joseph Mott, adult, baptised at Huntington.

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