January 4--Uriah, son of Isaac and Margaret Smith.
January 7--William Allin, son of Philip and Dorcas Allen.
                   John, son of Leffert and Mary Hogowont.
January 31--Hannah Vanwick, Thos. Vanwick, Theodorus Vanwick and Samuel Vanwick, adults, and
                     Abraham, Mary, Sarah and Abigail, children of Hannah Vanwick, widdow, baptised at Oyster bay.
March ?? --Enock and Margret, daughters of Benjamen and Mary Lester.
March 18--Three children of Philip Titus of Huntington.
March 19--Hannah, Elizabeth, John, Peter and Ann, children of Edw. Armstrong, baptised at Huntington.
March 25--Samuel Fosdike, adults, baptised at Oyster bay.
April 5--John, William and Joseph, children of Saml. and Mary Rogers, baptised at Cold Spring.
April 5--John, Mary, Margaret, children of John and Mertha Ruggers, baptised at Cold Spring.
April 5--Sarah and John, children of John Kids, at Cold Spring.
April 15--Elizabeth Bunts of Huntington, adult.
May 13--John, son of Jacobus and Sarah Lawrence.
                Sarah, daughter of Timothy and Mary Clowes.
June 24--Bille, son of Sam. Molette, brought up by Col. Cornel.
July 1--John, son of Peter and Elizabeth Holmes.
July 2--Henry Underwood, adult.
July 8--Martha Youngs, adult, baptised at Oyster bay.
July 15--Joseph, son of Elias and Hannah Dorland.
August 27--Leffurt, son of Stephen and Margaret Voris.
                    Son of Ezekiel and Rachel Balden.
September 28--Katherine and Jacob, children of Banj. Wood. 
December ??--Katherine Rhodes, adult.

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