January 12—Mary, Ann and John, children of John and Roseanna Smith.
                       Stephen Smith, adult.
                      Mary and Martha, children of Stephen and Mary Smith.
February 9—John Johnson, adult, and William and Mary, children of John and Abigail Johnson, baptised at Huntington.
March  8—Thomas, son of John and Phebe Mason. and Benjamin, son of Samuel and Ruth Jackson, at Jerusalem.
April 30—Mary, daughter of Isaac and Susanna Baldwin.
                 Jane, daughter of William and Phebee Smith.
June  2—Adam, son of John and Amy Southward.
July  9—Elisabeth Cornell, adult.
July 13—Noah, son of Daniel and Mary Combes.
                John, son of John and Mary Totton.
                John, son of John and Phebe Gardiner.
July 13—John, son of John and Deborah Denton.
               Henry and Sarah, children of Thomas Linninton.
July 24—Elizabeth, George and Sylvester, children of Amos and Phebee Rhodes.
July 25—An, daughter of Richard and Phebee Gildersleave.
August 13—Charles, son of John and Abigail Cornell.
September 10—David, son of Samuel and Elisabeth Seabury.

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