January 18--Dorcas, wife of Philip Allen. Mary, Philip and Sarah, children of Philip and Dorcas Allen.
February 18--John Dorland, Joseph Dorland, Elias Dorland, Mary Dorland and Jane Dorland, adults.
                        James, Miriam, Jerusha, Elizabeth and Benjamin, children of Benjamin and Jane Dorland.
March 4--Luke, son of Benjamin Haviland, baptised at Jericho.
March 17--Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah, children of John and Mary Rhodes.
                  William, Willet and Daniel, children of John and Elizabeth Rayner.
                  Sarah, daughter of Katherine Rhodes.
March ?? --Mary Wood, adult.
April 24--Richard, son of George and Hannah Hewlet.
               Alletta, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Clowes.
May 15--Sarah, daughter of James and Mary Wood.
May 29--Sarah, daughter of Peter and Eliz. Holmes.
Mary, daughter of Freeman Place.
May 31--Timothy and Nancy, children of Timothy and Nancy Smith.
June 5--Daniel, son of Daniel and Mary Combes.
June 12--Deborah, daughter of Benj. and Susannah Hewlett.
                Banjamin Kissam, adult.
               Son of Joseph and Deborah Kissam.
June 15--Thomas, son of Benj. and Mary Lester.
July 1--Absolom and Elizabeth, children of Absolom and Elizabeth Seaman.
           Hannah, daughter of John and Hannah Comes.
           Tempe Wood, adult.
July 28--Samuel, son of Samuel and Ruth Rowland.
August 3--Zephaniah, son of Isaiah Rogers of Huntington, baptised at Huntington 
                       Freelove, daughter of Dennis and Susanna Right of Eaton  Neck, baptised at Huntington. 
                       David, son of John and Jane Kelley of Huntington, baptised at Huntington.
September 21-- David Mott,  son of Adam Mot. 
                             Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Penney.
September 30-- Katherine, daughter of Jehiel Seymore of Huntington, baptised at Huntington.
October 19 -- Abigail, daughter of William and Meriam Cornel. 
                         Esther Johnson, adult.
November 17 -- Mary Carman, wife of Caleb Carman
November 18 -- Caleb, Hannah, Jane, Phebe, Richard and Margaret, children of Caleb and Mary Carmen. 
December 11-- Robert Wilson, adult.
                            John Gritman, son of John and Margaret Gritman. 
December 22-- Sarah Wilson, adult.
                           Furman Wilson, son of Sarah Wilson.

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