February 24--Ann, daughter of Peter and Elisabeth Holmes. 
                        Cornelia and Dorothy, daughters of John and Jane Doxey.
                      Margaret, daughter of Michael and Ann Garey. 
March 18--Amy, daughter of William Hanne.
                  Katherine and Elizabeth, daughters of John and Jane Kelley, baptised at Huntington.
March 24--Mercy Barns, adult.
                  Samuel Liningron, son of John and Hannah Linington.
March 25--John Hannah and Charity, children of Cornelius and Mercy Barns.
April 5--Leffurt Hogewont, son of Lefurt and Mary Hogewont.
August 11--Elizabeth Mynard, adult.
                    Robert, son of Sam. and Ruth Rowland.
                    Abigail, daughter of John and Mary Rowland. 
August 18--Elisabeth Combes, adult.
                   Henry and Coleman, sons and Elizabeth, daughter of Coley and Elizabeth Combes.
                   Phebe, daughter of Jos. Southworth.
September 13-- Alice, daughter of Mieson Schoolmaster, baptised at Oysterbay.
September 19--James and Hannah, children of Richard Gildersleeve.
September 24--Son of Mr. Liener SchoolMaster, baptised at Huntington.
October 18--Nathaniel Seabury, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Seabury.
November 22--Jos. Totten, adult.
November 26--A child of Edw. and Hannah Perkins.
December 22--Edward, son of Simon and Judith Cooper, baptised at Oyster bay.

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