January 16--Sarah Smith, daughter of William and Phebe Smith.
February 3--George, son of William and Amy Nanne, baptised at Huntington.
                     Elizabeth, daughter of Munson and Rebeca Gold of Huntington.
                     Samuel, son of John and Rebeca Haviland of Huntington.
February 16--Katherine, daughter of James and Sarah Hewlet.
March 3--An Garey, Joseph Jackson, Mary Langdon, Phebe Langdon and Elizabeth Jackson, adults.
                Hannah, Banjamin, Henry, David, John, children of Jonmenuel and Katherine Jackson.
               John, son of Michael and Ann Garey.
               Margaret, daughter of John and Jane Doxey.
               Mille, daughter of Samuel and Mary Langdon.
               Milie, daughter of Willm. and Katherine Langdon.
               Eloner and Daniel, children of John and Elizabeth Edwards.
March 12--Sarah Hall, wife of Jos. Hall.
March 28--Thomas, son of Richard and Mary Cornell.
June 9--Hannah, daughter of Aaron and Martha Place.
June 15--Elizabeth, daughter of James and Sarah Laurance.
June 15--Noah, son of Richard and Mary Rhodes.
June 25--Mary Bedle, adult.
                son of Freeman Place.
July 19--Jacob, son of Edward and Pheabe Sprage.
               Jemimme, daughter of Samuel and Temperance Beadel.
               Uriah and Thomas, sons of Abraham and Phebe Smallding.
July 24--Hannah, daughter of Timothy and Mary Treadwell and Susanna Weeks, infant, baptised at Huntington.
July 28--Elizabeth Denton, adult, and Samuel, Joseph, John and James Denton, sons and Elizabeth, daughter of Elizabeth Denton.
              Martha and Sarah, daughters of Jon and Hannah Rowland.
              Phebe, daughter of John and Mary Rowland.
August ?? --Susannah, daughter of Bcnj and Susannah Hewlett.
August 29--Sarah and Benjamin, children of Benj. and Mary Lester.
October 5--Uriah, son of Robert and Hannah Michel.
November 20--John, son of Richard and Altie Thorn.
November 20--Jacamiah, Margaret and Elizabeth, children of Jacamiah and Elizabeth Michel.

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