February 3--Mary, daughter of Isaac and Margaret Smith.
March ?? --Mary and Margaret, children of John and An Gritman.
April 21--James, son of the Widdow Mary Hall.
April 25--Thomas Smith, Israel Smith, Katherine Smith and Ruth Warizer, all adults.
April 25--Benjamin, Anna and Amos, children of Benj. and Anna Rayner.
                Ebee, Uriah, Gershom and Martha, children of - Gershom and Katherine Smith.
               Thomas and Uriah, children of Thomas and Abigail Gritman.
April 25--Mary, daughter of Thos and Phebe Smith. Thomas, son of Jno. and Abigail Cornell.
May 5--Jane and Willm. children of Joseph and Jane Alburtus.
             Elizabeth Fowler, adult.
             Hannah and William, children of Wilim. and Elizabeth Fowler.
             Elizabeth, daughter of Jno. and Deborah Denton.
             John, son of John and An Comes.
June 6--Daughter of John Hewlet.
             Hannah Hewlet, adult.
June 15--Margaret and Mary, children of Abraham and Comfort Manwaring.
               Two children of John Williams.
June 23--Abigail, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Seabury.
July ?? --Peter Thomas, apprentice of Timothy and Eliz. Smith.
September 8--Thomas, son of Bialley Bashford, baptised at Oysterbay.
September 24--Mary, daughter of Sam. and Rebecca Clowse.
September 28--John, son of Denik Albertson, baptised at Oyster bay.

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