January 28--Amy, wife of Ezekiel Reyner.
                     Elizabeth Smith Rode, an adult.
                     Sarah and Rebeckah, daughters of Samuel Reyner.
                     Elijah, son of Ezekiel and Aimy Reyner.
February 4--Mary, daughter of Samuel and Jasperance Bedel.
February 24--Dennis Wright adult of Eatons neck in Suffolk County, baptised at Oyster bay.
                     Obediah, son of Dennis and Susanna Wright, at Oysterbay.
February 28--Angerich, son of Symon and Salome Ooster.
March 2--Anne, daughter of Elisha and Margret Gilderslieve.
March 23--Anna, daughter of Abram and Anne Losee.
May 9--Judith, wife of Simon Cooper and Sarah White, adults, baptised at Oyster bay.
June 13--Mary, daughter of John and Sarah Johnston.
June 21--Jemima, daughter of Richard and Phebe Gildersleive.
June 22--William, son of George and Judith Watsen.
June 27--Hannah Combs, adult.
                 Elizabeth, John, Samuel and Thomas, children of Daniel and Mary Combs.
                 Samuel and Benjamin, children of Ezekiel and Rachel Balwin.
                Timothy, son of Richard and Deborah Eliston.
                Richard, son of Richard and Freelove Barker.
July 2--Peter, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Lennington.
            John, son of John and Hannah Lennington.
July 19--Andrew, son of Freeman and Mary Place.
August 24--Richard, son of Micah and Phebe Smith.
October 9--Charity, daughter of Mary Peters, widow.
                   Jane, daughter of Charles and Jane Peters.
October 14--Samuel, son of Major Josiah and Mary Martin. 
November 26--Samuel, Mary, Isaak, Deborah, children of Samuel and Hannah Totten.

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