March 23--Susanna Williams, adult.
                  William, Sarah, Mary, children of John and Susanna Williams.
April 15--Daughter of Derik Albertsen, baptised at Oyster bay. 
                Daughter of John and Lydia Deseow, baptised at Oyster bay.
April 20--Thomas, son of Robert and Hannah Mitchel.
June 3--John, Mary, children of Abram and Phebe Smaling.
June 7--Thomas, John, Samuel Tredwell, adult persons. 
              Mary, daughter of John Tredwel.
              Richard, Daniel, Gebulon, sons of Richard and Jane Suthard.
June 9--Peggy, daughter of Solomon and Margret Langdon.
June 21--Charles, son of Charles and Jean Peters.
                Elizabeth, daughter of Jarvis and Elizabeth Dusinberry.
June 24.--John, son of John and Abigail Cornel.
July 13--Timothy, son of James and Mary Johnston.
July 22--John, son of Nicholas and Mary De Foreess.
September 30--John, son of John and Elizabeth Hall, baptised at Oyster bay.
October 1--Elijah, son of Jonathan Smith deceased, and Elizabeth now wife of Joseph Halsted.
October 7--Richardus, son of Richard and Elizabeth Cornel.
December 4--Elizabeth, daughter of John and Anne Gritman.

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