January 8--William, son of James and Martha Lysaight, baptised at Oyster bay.
January 12--Daniel, George, Stephen, Catherine, Clark, children of Adam and S~rah Laurance, baptised at Flushing.
January 30--Margaret Langdon, Mary and Hannah Manwaring, adults.
January 30--Mercy, Letitia, Levina, Thomas, William, John, children of Thomas and Elizabeth Manwaring.
                     Jane, daughter of Joseph and Jane Alburtus.
                    William, son of Solomon and Margaret Langdon. 
February 8--Timothy and Phebe Yeomans, adults.
February 8--Elijah, son of James and Mary Wood.
March 10--William, John, sons of William and Charity Come!.
March 26--Samuel, son of Lefferts and Mary Hogawont. 
April 30.--Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan and Letitia Hazard.
May 21--Mary, daughter of Walter and Martha Hetherington.
June 21--John and Rosanna Smith, adults.
                Milly, Caleb, John, children of John and Rosanna Smith.
July 30--Mary, daughter of Abram and Anne Losee. 
August 13--John, son of John and Jean Doxee.
August 7--Millissent, James, Sarah, children of James and Martha Hugins.
August 25--Mary Tredwel, an adult.
September 8--James, Joshua, Sarah, Edmund, Martha, children of James and Sarah Smith.
September 16--Elizabeth, Samuel, Thomas, Mary, children of Samuel and Mary Suthard.
                           Forie and Jane, daughters of Coleman and Elizabeth Combs.
September 19--Abigal Gritman and James Patin, adults.
September 19--Joseph, Benjamin, Solomon, Michael, sons of Samuel and Jasperance 'Bedel.
                           William, Phebe, John, children of Thomas and Abigail Gritman.
September 22--Gilbert, son of Mordecoy Lester.
September 27--Parochis, son of James and Martha Hugins.

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