January 20--Jerusa, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Langdon.
May 3--Mordecai, son of William and Mary Alexander.
June 3--James, son of Patrick and Alice Wheeloun.
June 7--George, John, Richard, Mary, children of Daniel and Sarah Hulett, baptised at Jerusalem in Hempstead.
               Mary, Hannah, daughters of Joseph and Sarah Seamens.
              Mary, daughter of Edward and Hannah Cassety.
June 17--Elizabeth, daughter of Micah and Phebe Smith.
June 10--William, son of William and Mary King, baptised at Oyster bay.
June 24--Mary, daughter of John and Hannah Lenington.
                Elisabeth, daughter of Philip and Annachy Doxee.
               Ruth, daughter of Jonathan and Chatherine Shaw.
July 1--Lydia, an adult wife of John Deseow, at Oyster bay.
            Peter, son of John and Lydia Deseow, at Oyster bay.
August 19--Phebe, daughter of Jecamiah and Elizabeth Mitchel.
September 23--Gebulon, son of Robert Pedrick and Hannah, daughter of Robert Pednick, baptised at Oyster bay.
September 30--John, son of Robert and Phebe Marvine.
October 14--Mary, daughter of Peter and Mary Baker, baptised at Oyster bay.
October 14--Daniel, Joseph, James, Benjamin, sons of Ezekiel and Aimy Reyner.

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