January 5--James and Elizabeth, children of James and Mary Stringham.
January 5--Susanna, Anne, daughters of William and Charity Cornel.
                   Phebe, daughter of Elizabeth Denton, widow.
February 4--Peter Smith, an adult.
March 25--Mary, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth Martin.
April 2--Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Frost, an adult. 
              Isaac, Sarah, Mary, Aimy, children of Thomas and Elizabeth Frost.
April 8--Robert, son of Robert and Phebe Marvine.
April 8--James and Phehe, children of John and Mary Putney.
April 13--Joseph, son of Augustus and Mary Oldfield.
June 15--Richard, son of Isaiah and Dorcas Rogers.
July 30--Elizabeth, daughter of William and Charity Come
July 30--Mary, daughter of James and Mary Stningham.
August 16--Dennis, Anne, John, children of Philip and Mary Riche.
                    Robert, son of Robert and Hannah Mitchel.
August 29--Ehizabeth, daughter of Arthur and Joan Paul. 
                    William, Elizabeth, Mary, children of Thomas and Alice Peet.
                    Peter and his wife Mary Baker, adults.
                   James, son of Peter and Mary Baker.
September 10--John, son of Benjamin and Phebe Tredwel.
                           Martha, daughter of John and Levina Carman.
September 24--Daniel, son of Daniel and Sarah Pine.
October 8--Daughter of Denick Albertsen, baptised at Oysterbay.
October 15--John, son of Thomas Lennington.

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