January 10--James, son of Elizabeth Constable, baptised at Oyster bay.
January 29--Hannah and Sarah, daughters of John and Hannah Lenington.
February 11--Rebekah Baldwin, Ezekiel Baldwin, John Baldwin, Mary Baldwin, adults.
                       Jonathan, Sylas, George, Timothy, Abigal, children of Ezekiel Baldwin.
                       William, son of William and Rebecca Volentine.
February 14--Derih Albursen of Oyster bay, adult.
February 23--William, Phebe, Thomas, children of Edward and Margrett Sprag.
March 20--Mary Doughty, an adult.
March 25--Benjamin Carman, an adult.
April 2--Hannah and Sarah, daughters of Joseph and Hannah Langdon.
April 30--Deborah, daughthr of William and Elizabeth Langdon.
               William, son of John and Elizabeth Losee.
May 20--Elizabeth, daughter of John Sprong. John, son of John Manwaning.
May 23--Elianor, daughter of William and Mary Forbes.
June 11--William, son of Robert and Hannah Mitchel.
July 19--Whitehead, son of John and Abigal Cornel.
July 25--John Frederick, son of John Frederick and Mariana Rhinelender, baptised at Oyster bay.
August 1--William, son of Richard and Alicia Thorn. 
August 25--Mary, daughter of Isaiah and Dorcas Rogers of Huntington.
September 18--Sarah, daughter of Jonathan Cane, deceased, and Martha his wife.
September 18--Himy and Jacob, children of John and Elizabeth Searing.
November 28--Martha Matthews widdow adult, and Henry and William, her children, baptised at Oyster bay.
December 8--Mary and Elizabeth., daughters of John and Elizabeth Roe.
December 29--Thomas, son of David and Anna Jones, baptised at Oyster bay.

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